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I’ve finally seen Wicked this summer, and now I ship these two harder than ever.

stipikipi said: Your fanart is amazing! And i totally feel your sadness for TGCWW being on this looooooooong ass hiatus/discontinued/forgottenness... Anywaaayys my question is DO you have any suggestions for Bellamione fics that come close to TGCWW? (If that is even possible ^^) Have a good day~~

Thank you! :)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any fanfic to suggests! I haven’t been reading fanfics for long, and the most part of the Bellamione’s one I encountered were really short smut without a really deep storyline; I have yet to find a fic as well written and interesting as TGCWW!

Sorry I wasn’t able to help you! (but anyway, since the subject is out, if anyone passing across this post knows some good fanfics, feel free to suggest them!)

Have a lovely day! :)

I don’t have a lot of time to draw lately, so here comes a reaaaally quick one ; Ruby losing herself in Belle’s scent.
Shego getting a little bit distracted by Kimmie’s lips during one of their fight.

Anonymous said: chapter 7, man.. Exactly how I pictured it. You're awesome.

Hehehe, thanks! :D I’m glad to see the drawing is appreciated! :D

Bellamione is back! :D
Drawing inspired by chapter 7 of Those Gilded Chains We Wear! :)

jaredpadoiecki said: What about the speech bubbles and text do you use the same program?

Well, I draw the line of the bubbles by hand too, and then just color it so yes, same program. The text is added with photofiltre too, but I often use special fonts I downloaded online (on Dafont for instance)!

no-so-ever-after said: Really, so it's just on paper? Wow! What about your other illustrations? Same technique?

Yes! I draw everything traditionnally, old paper and pencil! Then I scan it and color with Photofiltre ; it’s not as complete as Photoshop but it’s free and pretty easy to use :)

no-so-ever-after said: Hello there, may I ask what software you do your animations on? Specifically your SQ animation?

Hi! :) Well I don’t have any specific software! I drew everything on paper, then scanned it and just used windows movie maker to assemble the drawings! :)

Soooo I wanted to try doing a little bit of animation, and Swan Queen seemed like a good place to start! :D It’s my very first time animating something so it’s very short (like really, really short (and there’s like more animated text than actual animated drawings)) and rough, but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)

Edit : I will extend the animation as soon as I have more free time! :) and maybe add another scene… hehehe!

Trying something new with Kigo! :) 

(If everything isn’t readable, check it on my Deviantart, the quality should be better! :) )

How to get an Evil Queen to understand you wanna taste her forbidden fruit, thanks to OITNB quotes.
(I’m never watching OITNB and OUAT episodes in the same evening ever again, I promise)